Rick Hatfield

& The Jumpin' Bobcats

Mick Rainsford

Rick Hatfield and the Jumpin' Bobcats deliver a wonderful set of swinging jazz ... more >

Suncoast Blues Society

True confession time, boys and girls .... I probably should have squeezed this on in last month. On the other hand, I'm more familiar with the disc now, 'cause I listen to it a lot! ... more >

Stuart Dole

I'm sort of a stay-at-home, but thanks to Danny Wilson's list I noticed that a performer, Rick Hatfield, was actually coming to my town! ... more >

Jeff Calvin of Blues Revue Magazine

Mix great songs, a knockout band, and a fine sense of humor and you might get Rick Hatfield & the Jumpin’ Bobcats if you’re lucky. ... more >